Melody rises from the desert

Santokh Singh

Santokh Singh

A legacy of rhythm to rest on and a mind so creative, so innovative. Santokh Singh, the Ganganagar born young music director who created waves with his super-duper album ‘Channa Vey’ (Universal Music), is all set to come up with two melodious albums of Shivani Nigam and Australian singer Aayesha. Talking to him is different from talking to the other artists. He creates an aura of rhythm which is sure to influence those around him. He not only talks about his creations, he actually demonstrates it to you.

In a time frame where a musician turns into a composer with hard work, Santokh Singh, the music director of Sunny Singh’s ‘Dil Mangadi’, Bobby Singh—Jaspinder Narula’s ‘Sanwaria’ and Kunal Ganjawala’s Channa Vey is probably an oddity. Because he has been a part of the music whirl-grooming himself and getting experience as a musician. Earlier, he has worked with the famous music director Sajid-Wajid in albums like Deewana, Khoya Khoya Chand and films like Baaghi, Khauff, Hello Brother, Maa Tujhe Salaam, Tumko Naa Bhool Payenge, Chori Chori and Shararat.

The year 2002 began on a promising note for this young music director with the release of his first independent album ‘Sanwaria’ with Universal Music and his second album ‘Dil Mangdi’ and Channa Vey with Universal Music in 2004.

Santokh Singh’s previous album Channa Vey was full of melody in which Sadhana Sargam, Kunal Ganjwala and Sonu Kakkar were main singers. The album was an explosive track in terms of its beat flow and rhythm ‘n’ techno elements. Santokh Singh also penned the lyrics for this album.

Regarding his album ‘Sanwaria’, Santokh says, “The response to fusion music in ‘Sanwaria’ was excellent because my compositions were catchy. My two albums ‘Dil Mangdi’ and ‘Channa Vey’ were full of dance and masti which engrossed the music lovers in the flow of it’s rhythm and melody. The western harmonies and chorus were the added attraction.

About the quality of his work, Santokh says that on an average, he works on an album for two to three months. “While I do not compromise on the quality. I try to do the packaging in such a way that it appeals to the common man because sales are as important as good music,” says Santokh Singh, the young composer from Rajasthan.

Trained under the able guidance of Ustad Nawab Khan, Ustad Shahid Khan, Sajid-Wajid and Pandit Dayal Thakur, Santokh has a long way to go but he is happy that his work is being appreciated and his talent is getting due recognition.

As composer of his music, Santokh Singh likes to be in total command. He has composed music for Shivaji Deogan’s ‘Palak’ and Vishal Verma’s forthcoming film ‘The colour Red’. A few more albums and films are in the pipeline. We surely look forward to more creations by Santokh Singh in the future.



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